Helping Empower Action, Leadership, Teamwork, and Health in our Youth
The HEALTHY Tekoa Coalition meets the second Tuesday of each month at Kathy Kramer's home at 309 E Henkle in Tekoa.

Meeting Minutes


Healthy Tekoa Minutes

Our mission is to promote healthy, positive choices in Tekoa youth by working together to reduce substance abuse.


October 9 at 9 AM


In attendance: Diane Harp, Carrie Hubert, John Giudice, Yolanda Bone, Rebecca Payne McHargue, Laura M., Vanessa Corwin, Avery McFarling, Madison Kalmes, Elise Wilkins, Trista Bogenreif, Ava Rambo, Kelsey Burchfiel, Melinda Wilkins, Wendy Bretz, Eric Bretz, Kathy Kramer



1.      Recognize guests and new coalition members—Fran

2.      Whole group discussion: 

a.      Concerns: Sexual assault: Dan Rosey is doing a new program at the Tekoa Community Church for working through “hurts, habits, and hangups” with special framework for sexual assault; ATVP serves Whitman and Latah Counties offering free and confidential support for those effected by sexual assault, can serve minors without parent consent down to 13, with parent under 13, can provide money to facilitate therapy and gas cards to get to therapy; Coalition does work around trauma and ACEs; Debra Blasack offering counseling in town now; Boys Circle and Girls Circle are both prevention-based groups for kids; Both Yolanda and Carrie are able to work with kids for short-term counseling and facilitating connections to outside counselors

                                                              i.      Could Teen Council come talk to Tekoa JH/HS about consent, healthy relationships?

b.      Trends: n/a

c.       Congrats:  Homecoming bonfire and other activities, Girls volleyball

3.      Speaker ideas – Melinda

a.      “Proactive Speakers”: positive, motivational speakers

b.      Mike Morgan from Colfax, 1 hr seminar on parents not being the coach, how they should behave when they are in the stands

c.       Can pair with next parent meetings

d.      Can we have two presentations to share the cost? One in each town? One for parents, one for teachers?

e.      Share cost with Booster Club, School District?

f.        $400-500

4.      Sticker Shock before Halloween

a.      Stickers on beer, wine, liquor to remind adults that there are consequences for providing alcohol to minors

b.      Friday, Oct 26th, 7:30 am at grocery store

c.       Youth Coalition will meet Diane to do Sticker Shock

d.      Any other adults that want to help, please come down

5.      Prevention Summit Nov 6-7 registration due

6.      Fall Carnival Oct 27 at 1-3 pm

a.      Cup cake walk—Carrie

b.      Jail—John

c.       Knock the pyramid

d.      Eye bean toss

e.      ATVP- Vanessa will bring a game

f.        Skull bowl-

g.      Healthy choices spinning wheel-Mark?

h.      Apple dunking- Pete Martin

i.        Setup at 8-10 am: Becky, Fran, Diane, Debbie Dean

7.      Community survey - reached our goal!

a.      Will get results this spring, around the same time as we get our Healthy Youth Survey results; at that time we’ll form a work group to analyze data and look for trends

8.      Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-31

a.      Pledges

b.      Scavenger hunt

c.       Tie a red ribbon in honor of someone's struggle

d.      Drug Facts wheel

e.      Eclairs gift certificates and glow in the dark basketballs as prizes

f.        Pinwheels at grade school for who your “healthy person” is

g.      Graffiti wall on butcher paper at HS

9.      Coalition Assessment Tool – Diane passed this out at the meeting, please return to her as soon as you’re able

a.      Survey of coalition members


·         Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-31

·         Fall Carnival 10/27 1-3pm

·         Halloween Double Feature 10/27, 5pm at Theatre

·         Lock-in 10/27, 9pm at HS, Jayden's Senior Project

·         Small business Saturday: Nov 25th

o   Family Movie “Christmas vacation” on November 25th at 6 pm at the Empire

o   Santa

o   Ornament making and tree lighting, cookies and cocoa

o   Hay rides